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We are a husband and wife wedding videographer team. Hooked on traveling the world together and having a great cup of coffee (every day) whoops! In love with deep late-night chats with family and friends. We have 2 sweet kitties Luna + Bear. We will be married for 3 years in March 2021. We started filming weddings shortly after ours. Our story of how we started filming is similar to a lot of our couples that we have worked with, "is it worth hiring a videographer?" We thought having a friend just film off their phone would be plenty. Let me tell you as someone who has been through that and not as a videographer - Please do not do that. Videography is just as essential as photography. It is our biggest regret since our wedding day flew by and my biggest dream is just to sit down with my spouse and re-watch the day we became one. (Even if you do not hire us, hire another professional.)  We unfortunately will not be re-watching our wedding day, but you still have a chance! "If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth?". That quote can not be more accurate.  Being able to see how you moved and hear the way you spoke and looked at one other is priceless. We are so dedicated and honored to capture every moment of our couple's special day so they can re-live it each time they watch. So it can be passed down and their children and grandchildren will be able to watch them both young & in love. 


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